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Do you manage the registration of the lease?
Do you manage the registration of the lease?
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Contract Registration with Estelle

At this time, Estelle does not offer a function for registering contracts. However, we do offer a viable alternative—e-signatures. E-signatures are formally accepted by the tax authority, making them a reliable and trustworthy way to document your contracts.

What Are E-signatures?

An e-signature is an electronic signature that is used in lieu of a traditional handwritten signature. It legally binds two parties to an agreement and acts as a safeguard to the exchange of confidential documents. E-signatures are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, efficiency, and accessibility.

Why Use E-signatures?

E-signatures offer several key benefits to businesses. First, they make contract signing simple, efficient, and accessible, regardless of the parties’ physical locations. All contracts can be signed electronically without having to be printed, signed and then scanned back into a computer. Additionally, all contract agreements are stored digitally in the cloud, so there is no need to create and manage paper-based files. And finally, data is protected and privacy is assured with secure encryption and authentication methods.


We understand the importance of registering contracts. Although we don't currently offer contract registration, we do provide an easy, secure alternative with e-signatures. This legal and binding method of electronically signing agreements is formally accepted by the tax authority, so you can confidently document and protect your contracts in the digital sphere.

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