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How do I add an expense?
How do I add an expense?
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Follow this simple procedure to understand how to add an Expense

To add an expense you shall have added a lease agreement first

Pick the category

As the first step, pick the expense category among the ones you have been provided with.

Do not find your category? Add a 'Generic Expense' and customize the category on your own

Choose who is paying for it

Now select if this is an expense you have incurred in or if this is something that your tenants have to pay for.

If it is an expense to be paid by the tenants, you will be able to choose among whom to split it

Add the expense information

Now is the time to add the main information of the expense:

  • Choose the property, and eventually the tenant(s) in charge to pay for the expense

  • Input the amount, and the expense description

  • add whether the expense has been already paid or input the due date

  • Upload documents of the expense

Click on the green button Add Expense on the bottom right of your screen to complete the process

You can add several items to your expense, choose the level of detail you prefer.

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