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How do I add a property?
How do I add a property?
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Follow this simple step guide to understand how to add a property.
First, go to the Properties section and click on the Add Property button

Add the General Information

First of all, add the main information of your property.
Such as:

  • its name, this will help you for future retrieving

  • the address

  • the catastral data (optional)

  • the description, useful for the listing (optional)

  • pictures (optional)

Owner information and tags

Now add information on the owner, in case this is not you, and on the tags.

Tags are very useful when you will check the availability of your units. Use tags like 'university' or 'train station' to immediately find where your properties are located

Define how you manage units

You can add several units treat the property as a whole apartment.

If you manage rooms, add as many units as the beds you have.

Add information like:

  • rent amount (optional)

  • tags (optional)

  • description and pictures (optional)

A unit is better defined as a ‘rentable unit’. This is referred to as a non-divisible rentable entity, such as a bed, a room in case of a single room, an apartment in case there is one person living in it.

According to your plan, adding units may influence the billing. No worries, you will be the one deciding what to do

Finalize with the documents

Upload the documents you want to save for that property.

By checking the mark 'Public', you will make the document available for all the tenants having an active lease agreement in that property. The doc will be available in their App

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