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How do I add a lease agreement?
How do I add a lease agreement?
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Follow this simple procedure to understand how to add a lease agreement

To add a lease you must have created at least a tenant and a property first.

Enter the lease period and registration

Enter the main information of the contract, such as the starting and ending date.
A contract can also have 'no end date' if you wanted to, just select the checkbox next to the end date.

Estelle will automatically remind you, and the tenant, when the contract is about to end

Link the tenant and the property unit

Now select the tenant and the unit of the lease agreement

When selecting the unit, be sure to scroll down and select the room, or the bed

Input the rent amount and the costs

Now you can add information about the rent amount, and the expenses the tenant has to pay on a recurrent basis.

Here you can also manage the deposit amount.

Add 'Initial costs' if you the tenant has to pay some entry fees. You will manage eventual exit fees from the deposit return.

Select the rent collection date

Select the day of the month on which you usually collect rent.(i.e. each 5th of the month)

Here you can also select the checkbox to send the App download invite to the tenant

Last, add documents

As a last step, you can upload lease-related documents.
Here you can choose to have them e-signed, or not.
Follow the simple tutorial in this step to use e-signature at its best.

Depending on your plan, using e-signature may have a cost for you. You will not be charged anything without your consent

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